Environmental principles

(5) In this Part “environmental principles” means the following principles—

Add “(f) the principle that policies and decisions should take into account the interests of members of future generations.”


Policy statement on environmental principles: effect

(1)A Minister of the Crown must, when making policy, have due regard to the
policy statement on environmental principles currently in effect.

In sub-clause (1), delete “have due regard to”, insert “ensure that government policy is consistent with”.


Principal objective of the OEP and exercise of its functions

In sub-clause (1), add at end: “(c) the provision of advice to Her Majesty’s Government regarding the application and implementation of the environmental principles.”

In Clause (7) of the Planning Act 2008, there shall be inserted new sub-section (4A): “The persons referred to in sub-section (4) shall include the Office of Environmental Protection.

In sub-clause (7) (c) after “environmental”, insert “or planning”.

In sub-clause (7) add (d) that the OEP considers is made relevant by any provision of a proposed or existing international trade agreement.”



Monitoring and reporting on environmental law

Insert new sub-clause: “(2A) The OEP shall report on the application and implementation of the environmental principles.”



Advising on changes to environmental law etc

(1)The OEP must give advice to a Minister of the Crown about—

(a)any proposed change to environmental law, or

(b)any other matter relating to the natural environment,

on which the Minister requires it to give advice.

Insert at end of sub-clause (1): “(c) the application of the environmental principles to National Policy Statements drawn up under the Planning Act 2008.”

This would get the principles considered in relation to airport and road expansion etc.

Add New Clause 96A:

“(1) The Secretary of State shall report annually to both Houses of Parliament on Her Majesty’s Government’s efforts to promote the conservation and restoration of biodiversity internationally.

(2) The report referred to in (1) shall include the use of government policy and expenditure in the following fields:

(a) international development aid

(b) trade policy and agreements

(c) research in natural science and social science.”



Local highway authorities in England to consult before felling street trees

Add requirement for Network Rail to consult members of the public before felling a tree by the side of a railway line.

“New Clause 103A

After section 248 of the Transport Act 2000 insert –

“Duty of Network Rail to consult before felling trees on railway land

(1) Network Rail must consult members of the public before felling a tree on railway land (a “railway tree”).


Victor Anderson   24.6.20