About Victor

I have been involved in green and environmental politics for a long time, including working at the House of Commons, the Sustainable Development Commission in Whitehall, the London Assembly, New Economics Foundation, Global Sustainability Institute, CUSP (Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity) & WWF (World Wildlife Fund).

I’ve written two books, Alternative Economic Indicators and Energy Efficiency Policies, and recently co-authored Debating Nature’s Value, been an elected politician, and taken part in direct action.

I started this website for three reasons, to –

Draw people’s attention to some current issues and campaigns.

Collect together my published articles and add some blog pieces.

Have a way of advertising my availability for freelance research work.

This website is intended to be politically committed without being party politically tribal, and I particularly want to focus on the long-term issues which the instant news media play down.

Published books

Links to my books:

Front cover: Alternative Economic Indicators
Front cover: Energy Efficiency Policies
Front cover: Debating Nature's Value

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